The only thing I have ever wanted for my life was to be able to help my community.

In every aspect of my life, I have sought out new ways to push for greater progress, to build wider avenues of success, and simply, to make our city a better place to live and to thrive. Whether it was receiving the Toronto Police Service Community Member Award from Mayor John Tory and the Chief of Police for defending a woman in our community from a gang assault, working for the last two years as a Policy Advisor to the Member of Parliament for Don Valley West, developing new legislation with members of government at Queens Park and Parliament Hill, or organizing vast movements like the March for our Education that hold those same governments to account, these years have been some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life; having these opportunities to work across our city to help my neighbours, and build our communities, I am truly a lucky man.

With this vast record of bridge-building and advocacy under my belt, I know where the course of my life will take me next. This year, I’m running to be your TDSB Trustee, so we can continue the great work we’ve been doing in our community, and give our kids the best start possible in life. I want to make sure our kids don't have to sacrifice anything that we took for granted, and that we give them the safe, happy, and quality education that they deserve. On October 22nd, vote Jake Landau for your TDSB Trustee in Eglinton-Lawrence, and together, we will Put Kids First.


Jake Landau


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